Tell City Council Black Lives Matter!

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Memphians will gather Tuesday, June 16th at 3pm at Memphis City Hall for a peaceful protest to compel the Memphis City Council to vote “yes” on police reform!

We demand that the city council pass the four police reform measures approved at the June 9th executive session and take further concrete steps to stop police brutality.

We also call on the city council to also adopt five demands for greater equity being circulated by the Memphis activist community:

1. Defund Harmful Policing

2. Invest in youth and education

3. Invest in housing and community development

3. Invest in transit

4. Invest in libraries

We will no longer stand by while the city spends $0 on education and 39% of its budget on the Memphis Police Department.

We will no longer stand by as our friends, family, and fellow workers have to live terrorized by police brutality.

We will no longer stand by as our local governments move to defund community services and public defender training while maintaining their police budgets.

We will no longer stand by as our barely existent health services get further slashed while police have access to an unlimited budget.

We will no longer stand by as our libraries and public transit become a relic of the past while police spend our money on tanks, tear gar, rubber bullets, and military surplus.

No lives matter until Black lives matter.

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